Hair Loss Combs, Do They Actually Work?


Thousands of people suffer from hair loss each year. For some, the hair is simply thinning because of age, while others will notice bald patches on the crown or receding hair so the forehead appears larger. This can be very upsetting but there are treatments available such as hair-loss laser hair combs.

These use low-level laser beams on the scalp to stimulate growth so that you will see thicker hair. They work for just about everyone and have no side effects. This ensures that they are also suitable for people who may have had an adverse reaction to lotions that you massage into the scalp. The power level is merely a vibration so is harmless but effective although some people notice a tingling feeling. These laser combs have been used by salons and hair clinics for many years and other low-level laser treatments have been employed by scientists and doctors for some time.

Easy and effective


The combs are easy to use and are quick and effective. You simply need to run them through your hair for about 10 minutes once or twice a week. Some people may see results after just a few treatments but it will take between five to 10 weeks for better hair growth, on average. Laser hair combs work on the entire scalp and can be used with other treatments, such as lotions, although it they are best used in isolation.

There are several products on the market which have different features so it pays to read up on a few of them to see which one is best for you.

Different brands to try

One of the best-known is the Hairmax Laser Comb Pro 12 which delivers 12 laser beams to your scalp to reduce hair loss and boost new growth for men and women. It is rechargeable so no batteries are required.

The Wellay Home Hair Laser uses 21 low-powered lasers to stimulate health growth. This lightweight comb claims to stop hair loss in 85 per cent of users with noticeable hair growth in about 12 weeks.


A low-budget option is the Power Grow Hair Loss Laser Treatment comb which is a vibrating model with some users noticing new hair growth in just three weeks. There is a red light to stimulate the deepest part of the scalp and a blue light to regenerate hair, while the laser nourishes the roots to make the hair thicker. The vibrations increase blood flow in the scalp to further boost hair growth.

The Hair Max LaserComb Advanced 7 was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 and its advanced laser diode technology is said to improve hair growth. This can be used to treat various forms of hair loss in men and women.

Some products use infra-red heat to stimulate new growth, while others are designed as a cap instead of a brush or comb. Hair loss laser combs are simple and quick to use and, as such, definitely merit consideration.