Top 5 Best Hair Loss Shampoos For 2015

The media is full of images of people with thick glossy hair, as a full head of hair is considered to represent health and vitality. While we all know that thick shiny hair does not equate good health and happiness, hair loss can be extremely upsetting for men and women alike. If you have a history of male or female pattern baldness in your family, there is a chance that you will also be affected, while illness, stress, hormone imbalances and vitamin deficiencies can also cause loss of hair.

Any treatment will be most effective if you act as soon as you notice a problem. A visit to your GP will help to eliminate hormone problems or vitamin deficiencies. Take a good look at your diet. Is it balanced and high in fruit, vegetables, protein and healthy oils? A healthy diet is a good place to start, as is limiting the use of styling products, heated appliances and harsh chemical colourants, if relevant.

Once you have eliminated medical causes, you will probably start to do a bit of research about hair loss shampoos, which are a very cost effective way of tacking the problem. Some will have ingredients designed to stimulate the scalp, such as caffeine. There are also herbal remedies, such as saw palmetto, and ingredients that can help to thicken the appearance of your hair, such as biotin. Others are aimed at particular age groups or gender. These shampoos can be very effective in thickening and improving the condition of your hair in the case of mild hair loss, but be wary of any that promise miraculous regrowth and baldness reversal.

Many of the shampoos on sale say they help to block DHT. DHT is the abbreviation of dihydrotestosterone, a testosterone-based hormone. Higher levels of DHT are known to block hair growth, particularly in male pattern baldness. There are ingredients, including saw palmetto, which can possibly inhibit the production of DHT, thus slowing down hair loss. Anecdotally saw palmetto can make a big difference to some people; however, if you are looking for a clinically-trialled DHT blocker, you will need to look at finasteride, which is available on private prescription from your GP, and minoxidil (Regaine), which can be bought over the counter.

What should you look for in a shampoo? Firstly, take a look at the ingredients. If you have suffered from skin reactions in the past, it might be worth considering a more ‘natural’ product. You will want to find something that will help to give your hair a thicker look, improve its condition and nourish your scalp. Some shampoos are designed for particular hair types or specifically for men or women.

There are lots of shampoos on the market, but we have rounded up five that we think are worth a look at and are aimed at both men and women. Hair loss shampoos are not outrageously expensive and if you buy one and it does not seem to work for you, you can easily move on to the next.

Nioxin three-step system
Nioxin produces six ‘systems’ aimed at different hair loss and thinning issues, with System 2 designed specifically for thinning hair. The three-step systems contain a cleanser (shampoo), followed by a scalp revitaliser (conditioner) and a treatment. The cleanser is designed to remove residue from the scale and help to provide thicker-looking hair. The revitaliser is a lightweight conditioner to improve texture and appearance, and the treatment, which is applied after the first two steps, contains antioxidants and botanicals to refresh the scalp.

Avalon Biotin B-Complex Therapy Thickening Shampoo
This shampoo, from organic beauty company Avalon, contains biotin and saw palmetto, which are believed to help with thinning hair. The manufacturer says that the shampoo helps to build body, stimulates the scale, strengthens hair and boosts volume. Avalon also produces a Biotin B-Complex Therapy Conditioner. Avalon products avoid harsh chemicals and don’t include synthetic fragrances or colours, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium methyl sulphate, or any other chemical additives that might irritate the skin. This is a good choice if you want to avoid chemicals and synthetics.

Pura d’Or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo
Another organic, natural product, Pura d’Or shampoos contain argan oil. This is a very popular ingredient in hair care products, as it helps to improve the condition and strength of your hair. Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo is free from the harsh chemicals that are known to irritate skin and is packed full of natural oils such as argan, pumpkin and rosemary and herbs such as lavender, ylang-ylang and saw palmetto. The shampoo works by providing essential nutrients to the hair follicles to reverse any signs of damage and start the healing process. Biotin strengthens the hair strands, while niacin improves the circulation and Pura d’Or’s unique DHT Blocker Blend encourages healthy hair growth.

DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo
The DS Laboratories Revita shampoos ‒original Revita shampoo and now Revita LT for blonde and other light shades ‒are designed to preserve hair, avoid shedding and maintain scalp vitality. They include anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-hormonal agents including caffeine, carnitine tartrate, ketoconazole, zinc and apple polyphenol, which are believed to stimulate the scalp, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Regenepure DR Hair Loss & Scalp Treatment
US-based Regenepure specialises in hair loss treatments and products. The DR Hair Loss & Scalp Treatment is a sulphate-free treatment suitable for men and women. Regenepure DR is a doctor-recommended hair loss treatment designed for all hair types and contains the antifungal ingredient ketoconazole, which may help to block the production of the hair growth-curbing hormone DHT. Cleansing ingredients such as saw palmetto extract cleanse away impurities and toxins while nourishing the hair from root to tip. It also combats dandruff and build up on the scalp, while other ingredients such as emu and jojoba oils add moisture, shine, volume and suppleness to thin and lifeless hair. Regenepure DR hair loss shampoo is free from parabens and sulphates, which is good news for the sensitive skin of the scalp.

What Are Dry Shampoos?

The concept of a dry shampoo is not entirely new. In fact, it has been around since the Victorian days when gentlemen powdered their wigs with arrowroot, and modern products work along the same lines. Recently, it has started to make a real comeback amongst women, particularly those with busy lifestyles and little time for shampooing. It has also become part of men’s haircare routines.

Dry shampoo sales are now reported to account for around a fifth of all shampoo sales, which goes to show how popular it has become in recent years. One in five dry shampoo sales is made to men, which highlights its increasing popularity and practicality for both sexes. Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton reveals that the increase in demand for dry shampoo is also part of the boom in male grooming. In addition to dry shampoo, men are also said to be using hair straightening irons and conditioning masks more often to give their look an edge.

Dry shampoo actually became commercially available in the 1960s and 70s with the US brand Psssst! purporting to be amongst the first to appear on the market. Its popularity waned after that, but dry shampoos have been making a resurgence again, particularly as haircare experts are claiming that daily washing can strip the hair of too much natural oil. They seem to be championing the idea that washing just a few times a week is better for the overall condition of the hair. Dry shampoo is not meant to serve as a replacement for wet shampooing; instead, it serves as a means of lengthening the time between washes and making your salon style last longer.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo’s main ingredient is in powdered form, whether that be talc, silica or a starch. It is designed to work without water and is available in the form of either a loose powder or an aerosol spray. It can be sprinkled or sprayed onto the hair depending on the type used. Dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and dirt from the root of the hair up and can either be blotted or brushed to keep hair looking and smelling good. It is ideal for those who are strapped for time but cannot afford to let their haircare routines slip entirely. Many women love the product, and men are also starting to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon. Adding this to your grooming routine can save a fair amount of time. Many brands sell variants aimed specifically at men, often with scents similar to those of aftershave, making it easy to know which ones to buy.


They are available in a range of colours, and some even have volumising agents. Dry shampoos can be used for a quick root touch-up or even as a styling product.

Top products on the market

There are a number of dry shampoos on the market, but several stand out from the rest for various reasons. Not all dry shampoos have been created equal!

First, Garnier Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo boasts fruity and bright-smelling credentials whilst also promising to keep hair suitably refreshed for 24 hours. Containing a blend of orange citrus and grape extract, this dry shampoo should be sprayed into flat hair and combed or brushed through to absorb oil. It instantly eliminates weight and refreshes your volume day or night.

batiste-dry-shampooBatiste Dry Shampoo is available either travel size or full size for convenience and to cater for different occasions. It is also comes in XXL volume and dark hair variants and purports to be the UK’s number one dry shampoo for a reason. With various scents, sizes and different levels of volume, the product allows for a completely customisable dry shampoo experience that is especially tailored to meet individual requirements. A quick burst can extend your blow dry, free up time in the morning or add life to your hair whenever and wherever it needs it. The Batiste brand is also popular amongst men, with many male models reportedly walking down the runway during New York Fashion Week with it in their hair.

Meanwhile, Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo claims to leave no white residue on the hair and also carries a low price point and no fuss as its points of differentiation. This dry shampoo is easy to spray on the hair, and its minimalistic white packaging means that it blends in with other products in your bathroom cabinet. With just a few sprays, Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo claims to leave hair beautiful, healthy and full of body. Directions for use are easy to follow; simply shake the can vigorously, lift sections of dry hair and spray into roots from 25cm, massage into roots to absorb oil evenly, and brush through and style as normal.

One product that is particularly noteworthy is label.m Brunette Dry Shampoo, which uses a natural rich starch to disperse oil and professes to be a backstage favourite. It works as a matt texturiser, leaving the hair soft and velvety to the touch. Supplied in aerosol form, the dry shampoo should be applied evenly to the hair, concentrating on the roots, and then brushed out after two to three minutes to avoid excess build-up. The subtle brown color it adds to the hair also helps to conceal bald spots on the head.

Finally, Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk also rates highly amongst consumers. Slightly pricier than other dry shampoos, it is light in texture and has a mild, pleasant fragrance that does not overwhelm you during the day. Klorane dry seboregulating shampoo, which features nettle extract, can be worn anywhere. It claims to clean hair in one single stroke, enabling you to wash it less often. As a result of its seboregulating properties, it can absorb any excess sebum that is found in the hair to leave it looking clean and fresh, with both bounce and volume restored. In tests, 86 per cent of users appreciated the product’s ability to reduce sebum secretion on the scalp.