Hair Fibres & Hair Concealers


Your hair is often referred to as your crowning glory. Some people don’t give their hair much thought at all, while others spend a fortune on products and trips to the hairdresser. However, when it comes to hair loss, most people fall into the same camp: pretty devastated. After all, people are praised for having a fine head of hair. Shiny, thick, glossy hair is synonymous with health and vitality. Of course, we also know that hair loss has less to do with your health and often more to do with genes. If you have a family history of hair loss, such as male or female pattern baldness, then there’s a chance that you’ll be affected. Moreover, hair loss can strike at any age; it’s not something that only happens to the older generation. It’s worth pointing out that if you are experiencing sudden and unexplained hair loss, you should make an appointment with your GP to discuss the matter to rule out any underlying health conditions.

For some men and women, accepting the status quo is extremely difficult because hair loss can seriously affect confidence, which can then impact on all aspects of your life, including your relationships and work. One of the best things you can do is act as soon as you suspect you might be experiencing hair loss. Many people will start by going down the vitamin route. A healthy, balanced diet rich in protein, minerals and vitamins is certainly a good place to start. Other simple measures such as reducing the use of heated appliances such as straighteners or tongs will go a long way toward prevent additional damage.


The next step for many people is trying one of the shampoos and treatments that are available over the counter or off the shelf. Some of these products will have ingredients designed to stimulate the scalp and might contain caffeine or herbal remedies. More medicalised and well-known treatments are Finasteride, available on private prescription from your GP, and Minoxidil (Regaine), which can be bought over the counter. Users report mixed results, but these products might be worth considering. A chat with your GP or pharmacist could help you decide. Right at the other end of the financial scale is the surgery option. However, hair transplants tend to be expensive and uncomfortable and will require time off work to recover.

What happens when you’ve tried these treatments, don’t want to go down the drugs route, or can’t justify the cost of surgical treatment? The good news is that there is another alternative. Did you know that there are ways you can conceal areas of hair loss cosmetically? No, we’re not suggesting a toupee or a Donald Trump-style comb-over. These days, modern hair fibres and hair concealers are a highly effective, affordable, and discreet way to cover up hair loss.

Where to start with hair fibres and hair concealers


These products tend to fall into one of two categories: creams/sprays and fibres/powders. Creams, which you apply to scalp, disguise thin patches by colouring your scalp. Creams are becoming less popular as they give a less convincing result, particularly at close range. Some users find that they can rub or wash off, which means that wet, windy weather has to avoided; this is not an easy task in the UK. However, other customers find that concealers and creams suit their needs perfectly.

The current hair loss solution market is heading very much towards hair fibres as the preferred approach. The introduction of hair fibres, sometimes called powder, has given customers a more natural, safer and reliable way of covering up hair loss. Hair fibres are very cost-effective. A small pot generally holds around a month’s supply. Companies such as Toppik, Caboki, Supermillion, Viviscal and Nanogen have excellent, well-known and trusted products used by millions of people across the world, and they’re suitable for men and women alike.

What exactly are hair fibres?

Hair fibres are tiny strands of keratin, which is what our own hair is made from. You apply them to your head, usually with a little shaker, although sprays are now becoming available. The keratin binds to your own hair strands electrostatically, forming “branches” with your own hair shaft as the “trunk” Of course, this structure isn’t visible to the naked eye, and what you will get is a very effective appearance of thicker, fuller hair that won’t blow or wash away in the wind and rain. It stays put until you wash it out. Thanks to the electrostatic bind (similar to static electricity), you can do away with messy, sticky and irritating glues or adhesives.


It is important to get the preparation and application right. Manufacturers sell a whole range of products, including shampoos, conditioners, serums, and sprays. These supplementary items have been designed to give you the best finish possible, but it might take some trial and error before you find the perfect formulation to suit your needs. After all, you want to feel confident and not worry about your hair at all. Further discretion is offered by the packaging; once they are taken out of the box, the products look like any other hair care ranges and the fibres themselves often come in a pot with only the company’s name on the outside.

The companies do have different unique selling points. For example, Caboki prides itself on its natural dyes and hypoallergenic cotton fibres, which is particularly useful if you have sensitive skin. Nevertheless, all of the manufacturers have put their products through rigorous dermatological testing because customer safety and comfort is of vital importance. Hair fibres are definitely tried and tested.

Nanogen and Toppik are probably the most well-known brands in the UK, but a good tactic would be to obtain samples from the various companies and try them out for yourself. There isn’t a single product that will suit everyone, but most companies will offer a money-back guarantee. Take your time and try them out in the comfort of your home, and you are bound to find a hair fibre product that will suit your needs.

List Of Recommended Hair Fibres Available to Buy

1) Toppik


Toppik Hair Fibres is an innovation in hair loss and hair thinning solutions. These fibres are a popular, instant solution to a widespread problem suffered by many people the world over. Toppik Hair Fibres can be applied easily at home for instant, fabulous-looking results. These unique fibres are made of natural keratin and will transform thin or thinning hair instantly into a thick full head of hair.

2) Supermillion


Super Million Hair tackles hair loss without the need for invasive surgery, hair growth stimulants or wigs. It is a fast-application treatment that covers areas of thinning hair in less than a minute to create the appearance of thicker, lustrous hair and hide bald patches. The treatment can be self-applied at home and is clean and easy to use.

3) Caboki


Caboki hair fibres are a natural, plant-based alternative solution used to disguise the appearance of thinning hair. Both men and women can use it, even those with sensitive of skin. It is easy to use, is long lasting, provides great results and is practically undetectable even under the strongest lights. This is a product that is proving very popular with professional hair stylists and those who want to offset the effects of thinning hair. Due to its natural properties it does not irritate the skin and can be worn all day, every day.

4) KeraFiber


KeraFiber is an all-natural and organic keratin protein which offers a solution to thinning hair for both men and women. It boosts volume whilst remaining undetectable and resistant to the effects of both weather conditions and perspiration.

5) Nanogen


Nanogen Hair Fibres are the result of more than a decade’s expert research, and are part of a comprehensive range of products aimed at both men and women with thinning or fine hair. Nanogen are the market leaders in this new technology, and have rightly established themselves as a company able to bring to market the very latest in hair thickening innovation and expertise.