About Caboki Hair Fibres


Caboki hair fibres is a natural, plant-based alternative solution used to disguise the appearance of thinning hair. Both men and women can use it, even those with sensitive of skin. It is easy to use, is long lasting, provides great results and is practically undetectable even under the strongest lights. This is a product that is proving very popular with professional hair stylists and those who want to offset the effects of thinning hair. Due to its natural properties it does not irritate the skin and can be worn all day, every day.

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What are Caboki hair fibres?


Caboki is a product derived from a plant called Gossypium herbaceum, which is also known as Moroccan cotton. Before it is processed Moroccan cotton looks much the same as the typical cotton plant we are familiar with. Its light fluffy buds are soft to the touch and gentle against our skin. After it is processed it is dyed with French ochre or other natural botanical and mineral dyes to match natural human hair colours and becomes Caboki.

Moroccan cotton’s extraordinary qualities and benefits mean it has proved itself to be more than just the sum of its parts. Caboki is proving that this plant can be used as a very effective solution to the appearance of hair loss and can be relied upon to offer all-day, undetectable coverage.

What does Caboki do?

When men and women complain of the appearance of thinning hair, they are generally complaining about two specific issues. The first is the dull and flat look that less hair creates, which can produce an unattractive frame around the face or make the back of the head look unwashed. Secondly, the skin on the scalp becomes apparent and this advertises the fact to all their friends and colleagues that they are losing their hair. Caboki provides a solution on both levels, as it works to disguise the appearance of the scalp and to make the individual hairs appear thicker and more full of life.


How does it do this?

The fibres from Moroccan cotton, once processed, have an appearance very closely resembling human hair. These fibres can be dyed using natural and mineral plant dyes such as French ochre and made to take on the appearance of natural human hair.

Gossypium herbaceum ‒to give it its Latin name ‒also has some interesting physical characteristics, such as the fibres carrying a significant negative electrical charge. The benefit of this is not immediately obvious until you consider that human hair carries a positive charge. These electromagnetic forces work together to bond the fibres to our human hair like millions of tiny magnets. The result is hair-like fibres bonding to our hair without any spray, glue or sticky product required.

How do I use Caboki?

Simply wash and dry your hair as usual and then sprinkle the Caboki strands directly from the bottle onto the areas of your hair that you wish to thicken.

When used with hairspray, simply style your hair, add Caboki and spray over the product. If you are using gel, apply this first, style your hair and wait for the gel to dry and set before adding Caboki hair fibres.

Will anyone know I am using Caboki?


Anyone who has worried about the appearance of thinning or balding hair has probably considered one of the many coloured sprays or powders advertised in magazines and on TV; likewise, anyone who has ever bought one of these products has probably not purchased the same one twice. This is because such products don’t work very well. They all have small but significant failings that make us prefer to do without them.

Whether it is skin staining or colour running, the problem with coloured sprays and powders is that they identify people who are worried enough about their appearance to try to hide it. For most of us a little thinning hair is not the end of the world, but we did prefer out appearance before we started thinning. We don’t want the telltale signs that come from spray colour to betray us or make us look vain.

Caboki never runs or stains and this is one of the major advantages it has over other products. No one will ever know that you are using Caboki unless you choose to tell them. Caboki is available in seven different colours, all of which are produced naturally and cover the full spectrum of human hair colours. As long as you chose a colour true to you current hair colour, no one will be able to detect the difference between your own hair and the Caboki fibres.

As Moroccan cotton is a natural and mild botanical product, it will never cause a rash or irritation like some of the man-made, lab-created products can. Fidgeting or scratching your head draws attention to areas of thinning hair and, apart from the likelihood of detection, irritated skin should be avoided at all costs.

How long will it last and how do I remove it?

Caboki uses magnetic qualities to adhere to your natural hair. It can’t be blown off by the wind and can’t run if you play sports and work up a sweat; instead, it lasts all day and all night until you shower or wash it out of your hair. Caboki does not require any special shampoos or conditioners to remove it and can be used with other styling products.

What about using Caboki with an ongoing hair loss treatment?

This is another great benefit of Caboki. The leading hair thinning treatments, such as products containing minoxidil, work to keep the scalp healthy and any irritation should be avoided at all costs. With Caboki you can begin or continue your minoxidil treatment without worrying that it will disrupt it in any way.

What does it cost?


A starter supply, which includes around 50 applications, will cost about £35. After you have tried it and decided you like it, you can choose how often you want to use Caboki and select the right-sized product for your needs.

Please note that Caboki have redesigned the 25grams box. There is now an official new 30grams Caboki box available. The new packaging shows a green leaf on the front of the box. There is also a scratchable validation code which needs to redeemed on the Caboki.com website to ensure you have received an official version.