Toppik Hair Building Fibres


Toppik Hair Fibres is an innovation in hair loss and hair thinning solutions. These fibres are a popular, instant solution to a widespread problem suffered by many people the world over. Toppik Hair Fibres can be applied easily at home for instant, fabulous-looking results. These unique fibres are made of natural keratin and will transform thin or thinning hair instantly into a thick full head of hair.

Why Toppik Hair Fibres?

There is a huge selection of hair loss solutions on the market today and finding the right one for you is not always easy. The main benefits of Toppik include the fact that users can apply it themselves for instant results without the need for costly salon appointments, hair weaves, extensions or hair replacement surgery. This simple application is one the product’s leading advantages, but it is not the only one. Further advantages include the product’s natural wool derivation, making it as genetically close as possible to human hair. For those experiencing hair loss, a key concern is making it worse or hindering further growth. Toppik Hair Fibres does not stick to the scalp and does not affect ongoing growth. It is also resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.


Toppik Hair Fibres comes in a wide range of shades, making it extremely easy to colour match with your own natural hair. The best way to find the right colour for you is often to mix and match the colours, finding the shade the perfectly matches your own natural or dyed hair. The fibres also cover grey roots, giving you less trips to the salon for a root touch-up.

Toppik Hair Fibres works on all kinds of hair, including European and Afro hair. With a range of product sizes from travel to giant, it is easy to find the right size bottle so that you always have what you need to hand. Most users have a travel bottle in their bag that lasts for up to a week and a larger size at home, which lasts for up to four months.

In comparison to most hair loss solutions Toppik Hair Fibres is low in price. For use after every wash, most users can expect to spend around £20 on Toppik Hair Fibres a month. Those who only apply the fibres for special occasions will see their bottles last a lot longer.

The scientific bit


Toppik Hair Fibres is made of high-quality keratin, which is the natural protein that already exists in our hair. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein and also exists in our skin, nails and tongue. It has been used in hair restoration and hair loss solutions for decades; however, Toppik has come up with a unique way to use and apply keratin to the hair. The colour-matched fibres simply merge with your own hair to fill out thinness, creating a naturally full-looking head of hair. The fibres are entirely undetectable, even up close.

The fibres selected for use in Toppik Hair Fibres are derived from wool, making them as close as possible to those found in natural human hair. This is opposed to other products that are keratin-derived and can include animal hooves and fish bones. The fibres that derive from wool are much closer in texture and appearance to human hair, which is how Toppik Hair Fibres achieves such natural-looking results.

The keratin has an innate static charge, which is how it adheres so successfully to all types of existing hair. As other types of keratin fibre ‒such as those derived from plants or cotton ‒do not have this charge, hair products that use them tend to clump or fall out. Our wool-derived keratin stays on the hair, even in adverse conditions.

Who is Toppik Hair Fibres for?


Toppik Hair Fibres has helped millions of people who suffer from a range of hair loss disorders to transform the way they look. Hair loss can happen to anyone and can be a stressful result of a number of conditions. Hair loss and hair thinning can range from being mildly irritating to extremely upsetting for both men and women. Reasons for hair loss or hair thinning include male pattern baldness, alopecia, loss of hair after chemotherapy, or simply very fine or naturally-thinning hair. Other reasons for hair thinning or hair loss can include telogen effluvium, which is a condition that mostly affects women after having a baby but can happen to anyone after a stressful event or as the result of an underactive thyroid, lupus, anaemia, polycystic ovaries and seborrheic dermatitis. For women one of the most common reasons for hair loss or hair thinning is simply as a result of over styling. Years of dying the hair, heating hair with hair driers, curlers or straighteners and applying chemicals can break down the hair’s natural structure, causing it to thin over time.

Directions for use

One of the biggest advantages of Toppik Hair Fibres is its ease of application. Start off by washing, drying and styling hair as usual, then simply spray or shake Toppik Hair Fibres into the thinning areas. Disperse the fibres by simply patting the area lightly and then gently comb you hair if needed. It really is as easy as this.


To get the most from Toppik Hair Fibres it is important not to apply any styling products after you have applied the fibres, with the exception of hairspray. This also applies to hair styling appliances such as curlers and straighteners. It is best to style your hair first and then apply the hair fibres to achieve the best and most long-lasting results. The best hairspray to hold the fibres is the Toppik Fibre Hold Spray, which has been specially formulated to lock the fibres in and provide general hold and shine. Toppik Hair Fibres generally stays in place until you wash your hair, based on a weekly or bi-weekly hair wash. To achieve the most natural looking results it is best to use the product with the Hairline Optimiser, which helps to create a natural-looking hairline and prevents fibre from falling on the forehead during application.

Toppik Hair Fibres is one of the leading and most innovative hair loss solutions around today. The products have helped millions of people to achieve a naturally full-haired appearance easily and instantly in the comfort of their own home.