Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres


Is your thinning hair making you self-conscious? Imagine if there was an easy to apply, fool-proof solution that would make your hair appear thicker and more lustrous, boosting your confidence and giving you back that great feeling you had in the days when you had a full head of hair. Well, there is such a miracle product, and it is produced by the experts at Nanogen.

All about Nanogen Hair Fibres


Nanogen Hair Fibres are the result of more than a decade’s expert research, and are part of a comprehensive range of products aimed at both men and women with thinning or fine hair. Nanogen are the market leaders in this new technology, and have rightly established themselves as a company able to bring to market the very latest in hair thickening innovation and expertise.

These incredibly fine thickening fibres bind to natural hair, resulting in a totally natural looking finish that is guaranteed to last all day. Because the micro fibres mimic the pattern of the natural hair, they are suitable for all hair types and styles. They are ideal for both for every day or occasional use. And because they are crafted from natural pure keratin (the same material as your own hair) they look and feel perfectly organic and unprocessed. Extensively dermatologically tested to ensure that they are suitable for even the most sensitive scalps, Nanogen Hair Fibres really are the perfect fit for anyone struggling with hair that has lost its joie de vivre.

How do they work?

The microscopic keratin hair fibres become electrostatically charged as they are shaken from the specially designed jar. This means that each individual fibre will stay securely bound to your own hair all day long. If you are a swimmer, you may want to add a spritz or two of Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray to waterproof them. Rest assured that the matchless colour lock technology ensures that the fibres will never stain, run, or mark your bathroom fixtures and fittings.

How do I remove them?

The fibres are very easily removed, simply by shampooing as normal. This dislocates the electrostatic connection between the fibres and your natural hair. In short, you can be totally confident that the fibres will remain securely bound to your hair until you opt to wash them out. The cleverly designed jar also has a window that allows the user to see at a glance how much product they have left, so you’ll never run out of fibres unexpectedly. In addition, the packaging is really discreet, with no mention of hair thickening or camouflage so it’s absolutely ideal to take away on holiday or business.

Independently verified

Nanogen Hair Fibres also benefit from their (patent pending) ‘Electrostatic Strip and Electrostatic Coating’. This advanced technology has been carefully designed to intensify the already impressive hair thickening effect of the product. Independent tests have verified that the application of Nanogen fibres to thinning hair results in a noticeably thickening effect.
They are available in ten great-looking shades.

Will the product match my hair colour?


Since Nanogen Hair Fibres come in ten different shades, they can be mixed to match any colour of hair, including highlighted hair and grey hair. Apply darker shades first then build your desired colour with a lighter tone.

How do I apply Nanogen Hair Fibres?

Nanogen Hair Fibres can be rapidly and cleanly applied in minutes simply by shaking the clever container over any areas of hair that may require a boost. The shaking motion discharges thousands of tiny microscopic hair fibres, which then immediately and electrostatically bind to each separate hair. Fully charged with static electricity, the fibres attach securely to the natural hair in a fir-tree-like pattern, which creates a natural look with a wonderful density. In stark contrast to old fashioned hair sprays and creams that simply coloured the scalp to give an impression of thicker hair, Nanogen Hair Fibres attach to your own hair, resulting in an authentic look that lasts all day.

For optimum results, wash your hair with Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Shampoo followed by either the Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Conditioner or Mask depending on your hair type.

1. Wait until your hair is completely dry then, holding the jar at a slight angle, gently shake a modest amount of fibres over any areas of concern.
2. Using your fingers, carefully blend the Nanogen Hair Fibres into your own hair
3. Repeat as required until you have achieved the required density and thickness
4. Apply Nanogen Hair Fibre locking spray to waterproof (optional)

Natural Appearance


Because the fibres merge together with your own natural hair, it is possible to achieve volume that allows you to style your hair in any way you wish. The results really are amazing. Many users opt to gradually increase the amount of fibres they add to their hair to subtly transform their look over time.

Doctor and Dermatologist Approved

Nanogen Hair Fibres are also recommended for use by leading cosmetic surgeons before undergoing hair transplant surgery to incrementally build up the appearance of hair that is thicker, so that the transplants don’t seem obvious. They are also useful after surgery, as they conceal the transplant sites whilst they heal. In addition, the Alopecia Society recommends Nanogen fibres for both women and men suffering from thinning hair issues and many leading dermatologists are enthusiastic advocates of the technology.

Great for Men and Women

Many men who suffer from male pattern baldness (where the hair is lost at the front, crown or both) opt to use Nanogen to perfectly conceal the thinning areas. Women experience thinning hair for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, the early months of motherhood and the menopause. Nanogen Hair Fibres are ideal to conceal a wide parting or to simply give the hair a little extra volume and bounce.

Are Nanogen products expensive?

Nanogen products are very competitively priced and are available at major UK retailers.