Loans, Finance & Cost For Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair transplant surgery is becoming increasingly popular with individuals who want to look and feel the very best they can.

Hair loss is a common issue that affects millions of people all over the world and, while it doesn’t cause any physical problems, it can lead to lack of confidence, depression, anxiety and other personal and mental health issues.

While hair surgery is now more widely available than ever, meaning you are likely to find more competitive pricing from clinics, it can still be an expensive procedure and, when it comes to any kind of surgery, the most important factor is the reputation and expertise of the surgeon and clinic.

This is definitely one area where you don’t want to simply opt for the cheapest deal on offer.

As well as the initial procedure, you might need to take into consideration the cost of any further treatment needed. There can be occasions where the hair does not properly take and further procedures are needed to achieve the desired appearance.

In some cases, after the initial surgery, the hair might appear too thin, or patchy and clumpy. In such cases, it’s vital you can fund the additional treatment needed.

Cost of hair transplant surgery

Prices for transplant surgery vary dramatically, so it’s best to shop around. Most important, of course, is the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. If you know anyone who has experience of hair transplants, ask for their advice.

Many people are uncomfortable discussing sensitive matters like this, however, so you might find reputable online forums your best bet, if you don’t know anyone who has had, or is open about having, a transplant procedure. Online reviews are also useful, but make sure you use a review platform that is reliable and only displays genuine reviews.

Prices will vary depending on your current hair and how many follicles you need to have grafted onto your scalp. The most affordable method is generally strip grafting, but this is more commonly used as just part of the procedure these days, rather than making up the entire procedure itself.

This method is often used in conjunction with another technique known as micro grafts. Combined, these two procedures give a more natural looking finish.

While costs do vary widely, most hair transplants in the UK will cost between £2500 and £6000.

There may be regional variations, so you might find a highly rated yet more affordable clinic, if you are prepared to travel a little further afield than originally planned.

You will usually find that the actual cost per hair plug or graft will be lower the more you are having.

Finance options

If you are concerned about paying for your treatment, there are many finance options available. Some will be handled by the clinic itself, while others may be offered entirely via external firms.

The reputable Crown Clinic, with establishments in both London and Manchester, HIS Hair Clinic, with branches across the UK, and Vinci Hair Clinic, also with branches throughout the UK, all offer attractive finance packages for anyone looking to undergo hair transplant surgery.