Wigs, Toupees And Hair Systems


Hair loss solutions are far more advanced and natural looking today than anything we have ever seen in the past. From undetectable wigs and toupees to the newest technology, such as hair systems, men and women can enjoy hair coverage like never before. How do you decide which is the best option for you? We take a look at the benefits of each of these non-surgical hair loss solutions, helping you make an informed decision.


Wigs are the oldest answer to hair loss in the world, but today’s wigs are anything but dated. These days wigs are made with a choice of synthetic, human or animal hair, which means they accommodate a range of budgets. The shades and colours available today are extensive, as are the styles and the thickness of the hair. This means it is really easy to find a wig that exactly replicates your own hair or, if you prefer, something completely new! The main benefit of a wig is that it normally costs less than a hair system; however, costs vary and synthetic hair is priced much lower than human hair. Another major benefit of a wig is that the wearer is free to change their colour or hairstyle as often as they wish, potentially even owning a collection of different wigs at any one time. Wigs provide complete coverage and are ideal for those who have complete hair loss. A wig is also the perfect answer for someone who likes to try our new styles.


Toupees are a low-cost option and are ideally suited to those who have hair loss in one area, normally on the top or at the back of the head. Toupees are generally the choice for men who experience hair loss in these regions. Toupees come in a vast range of colours, shades and thicknesses, making it very easy to find one that perfectly matches your own hair. Toupees are ideal for those who simply want to cover a patch of hair loss for certain events but are happy to remove it at bedtime or within their own comfortable space at home.

Hair systems


Hair systems are the newest kid on the block when it comes to non-surgical hair loss solutions. Hair systems, often referred to as hair replacement systems, have been popularised by big name celebrities, many of whom had been sporting seamless hair systems with no one even noticing. These systems are ideal for those looking for a longer term answer to hair loss and who wish to cover up hair loss all the time and not just when they are out and about. This solution is just as ideal for those with partial hair loss as it is for those with complete hair loss.

Hair systems can be custom made for the wearer. This means the colour can be made to exactly match your own and the hair can be styled to replicate your existing growth patterns, which means the results are extremely natural looking. Hair systems can be fitted by professional hair stylists or in the comfort of your own home. A tailored hair system kit always comes with full instructions and a user guide.

Hair systems typically come in a choice of four types, covering the spectrum of durability and appearance. Those looking for the most natural appearance should choose the Full Lace option, while those looking for the most durability should purchase the Conventional option. In between these is the Lace Front option, which offers slightly more durability than the Full Lace and provides a natural-looking front hairline but with more durability to the back. The final type is the Skin option, which offers a fairly natural looking appearance as the hair appears to be growing directly from the skin. This option is only slightly less durable than the Conventional option. Deciding which type is right for you will depend on the level of durability you need, which may come down to how active your lifestyle is, how frequently you wash your hair, and whether you want to take your hair system out at night. Your choice will also be determined by how important a natural-looking appearance is.

All these systems are made with a choice of 20 bases with brand names such as Remy, Virtual Base, Dermatex and Paragon, but what is important is not so much the name but working out the best base for you. These bases are made from either polymer or mesh fabrics or a combination of the two. Polymer bases are made from silicon and/or polyurethane and offer a high level of durability, while fabric mesh bases, which are made from nylon and polyester, are more comfortable and breathable. While fabric meshes offer a higher level of breathability for your skin, they will need replacing more frequently as they will breakdown quicker.

Hair systems are designed to last between three and eight months, depending on how frequently you wash your hair and the durability of the system you choose. Hair replacement systems can vary widely in price, which is usually an indication of their quality, although not always. The best way to make sure you have found the right product for your individual requirements is by doing plenty of research.

As you can see, hair loss treatments are wide and varied and include the application of a wig, a toupee or a hair system. Hair replacement systems are fast becoming the leading solution for hair loss, particularly for men; however, traditional solutions such as wigs and toupees still very much carry their own benefits.

Whether you have partial hair loss or complete hair loss will be a major determining factor, as will your budget. Whether you need a solution for all day, every day or just from time to time will also be a contributing factor in the decision-making process. The most important thing is that hair loss is not something we need to accept. With so many choices, it is easier than ever to find a solution that is exactly right for you.